My First blog entry.

I am fascinated with Mourning/Funeral practices, and surprise surprise… Gothic/Punk culture.

Name: Michelle
Age: 27
Music I like:  Opera/Classical (Vivaldi, Franz Schubert), 80’s trad-goth/post-punk (Siouxsie and the Banshees/Sisters of Mercy), Old school Experimental industrial music (Throbbing Gristle/Neubauten), Experimental Rock (Tom Waits/Leonard Cohen), Darkwave (Die form), Deathrock (Christian Death, .45 Grave), Crust/Peace Punk (Dirt, Antischism, Crass), Stoner Metal/Sludge Metal (Eye Hate God/ Corrupted), Black Metal (Bathory/Darkthrone).
So, I really do run a bit of a gambit.

I like wearing white face and Victorian/Edwardian mourning garb for fancy occasions. But, my street clothes resemble sorta oldschool goth/punk and crust.
So, perhaps I am a bit of an anomaly. Vegan feminist, but spooky corseted tea drinker. Whatever. I am just me.

But, Anyway… What will I post about then?

I plan to post about the interesting funeral rites/rituals over the years/centuries. I am particularly intrigued most by the Victorian and Edwardian era’s. But, I will try to run a bit of a gambit and learn more about other practices along the way.
I want to post videos that I will make! Videos on long lost Victorian Edwardian crafts.
I want to post makeup tutorials, because I feel very sad when I see White face done poorly. I want to post things on etiquette, and teas. I am Vegan so I want to post about foods that I make and want to share! I want to post about music and play lists for occasions! I want to post inspiring things for women of our century! … and so much more!

So, maybe you will join me on this journey!
I hope you do. :)

Yeah. That is me right before work.

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